Ease Your Horses Stiffness and Muscles Pain

Your horse works hard for you and just like you, they get sore when worked to hard. You can help relieve their pain with Draw it Out Liniment. DIO is veterinarian approved and proven to be safe and effective. There is nothing out there that can compare to it. It is your one stop solution to ease pain, soreness and inflammation in your horse.

DIO will help your horse heal by reducing inflammation from standing on concrete during a show, the stress of long hauls to and from shows, and practices, and the everyday pains of just horsing around.  You can use DIO after a tough workout, before training or during a competition. It is safe to use under a saddle pad or boots. DIO will not burn or blister your horse and there is no clean up. Just simply rub or spray onto the area that is causing pain. Your horse will love you for it! Get your bottle now! Your horses will Thank You!