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Tips for Cleaning Your Horse Trailer

Who else is chomping at the bit to get back in the saddle?
Some places are opening up, and its getting closer to time to saddle up so the big question is….
Is your Trailer Ready?
You spring clean the house…
Clean the winter blues out of the barn…
But do you spring clean your trailer?
Here are a few tips for making sure your trailer is safe and ready to haul your precious cargo.
We all know how it is, the trailer has been in barn all winter, no one has given it a second thought, but you really should give it a good cleaning and check it over before heading out. Safety is very important when hauling your animals.
Here are some things to look for…
                                          The dreaded RUST
-Checking for rust is very important and after sitting for several months, there is sure to be some new spots around. Even aluminum trailers will have rust areas.
-Check your gooseneck, connectors, couplers, axles, and landing areas.
-Small rust spots around these areas do not present a danger, but it only takes a few minutes to sand them down         and put a spot of paint on them to slow down the rust, making your trailer last longer and look good! Who doesn't want to look their best pulling into a show!
-Check areas that would be around your horse’s legs. Back doors landing area Hinges, nuts or bolts, and latches, make sure these are not rusted and could catch your horses legs causing scratches or cuts. The last thing you need is to deal with a wound while you are at a show. Keep those areas clean and painted to prevent rust.
-Check the sheet metal on the sides of your trailer. Make sure there is no rust or weakened areas there. You don’t want to have an injured horse because he kicked through the side wall and it could cause structure damage that will not be as safe if your are in an accident.
Keeping rust at bay doesn't only protect your horse but makes your trailer last longer!
THUMP those tires.
-I know, I know,  you don't put that many miles on them, hardly any compared to what you put on the truck, but they need a good going over.
-Trailer tires seldom get to worn, they often rot out before they are worn out.
-Check the air, air stem, tread and make sure they are not brittle and rotten. Many tire retailers suggest replacing them every four to five years to be safe.
You don’t want to be stranded along side the road waiting on another trailer!
-You should always check your lights and brakes every time you hook up, but giving them a good going over for the first trip of spring is a necessity.
-Look for broken or worn wires that may short out during a trip.
-Make sure all your bulbs are working, as they should.
-Make sure those brakes are in good working order, having them professionally checked once a year is a great idea.
Letting those around you know what you are doing only keeps your horses safer.
-Check your floorboards for any weak areas or rust.
-Wooden floors can rot and cause weak spots and aluminum can get a white powder that could indicate a weak area.
Get in there and pull up those rubber mats and check them over real well. The last thing you want is to have to put a horse down because they fell through the trailer floor.
FLOSS anyone?
-Check for sharp corners, exposed screws, frayed window screens and areas where the padding is torn or exposed.
-All of these can cause scratched or cuts to your horse.
Why dental floss?
-Dental floss and a strong needle can fix screens and torn padding areas.
-Duct tape and a little padding can fix expose screws and and sharp corners.
-Not only will it protect your horses, but it could save you from a few extra cuts and scrapes too.
  • Squeaky doors and hinges are annoying and can spook your horse, WD -40 works great and it only takes a couple seconds to spray it on and loosen them up.
  • Have a lock that is a little stiff? Put your key in some Vaseline and put it in the lock and turn it several times, It should work like new again!
Make sure you have all items you will need for your show, and as always if you need anything you can wonder on over to
They have everything you will need and more!