DSS Dynamic Saddle Stand

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DSS Dynamic Saddle Stand A REVOLUTIONARY SADDLE SELLING TOOL DESIGNED TO PROVIDE A REALISTIC SIMULATION OF A HORSE'S MOVEMENT!!! The DSS was designed to enhance your customers saddle shopping experience by providing a realistic simulation of the horses movement. Your customer can now sit in a saddle and get a more authentic experience of what that saddle would feel like on the horse, rather than the normal, static saddle buck. The no-slip textured cover ensures the saddle stays in position while the rider gets a feel of posting and sitting trot, and even canter! Manageable footprint of 22 w x 30 d x 35 h display saddles without taking up unnecessary room in your store or booth Easy to transport to shows and events fits in a box that is 26 x 17 x 22 and is under 60 pounds Assembles in minutes simply screw the legs into the buck and you are ready to sell saddles Removable, no slip cover is easily cleaned with soapy water or rubbing alcohol Can be used with English or Western saddles Maximum weight load: 265 pounds Spare parts available 10 year warranty on defects